Challenging @guykawasaki On Twitter Spam

Challenging @guykawasaki On Twitter Spam

He’s come out of hyperspace to respond to my criticism about his Twitter habits.

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It’s odd that he was responding to me on a Twitter account that is mine (@wholeparent) but that is not about social media. It’s because he’s still BLOCKING my social media account. (@jmacofearth).

Okay, so the master tweeter shared a small glimpse of his Twitter analytics.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.13.15 AM

Those are all fine and dandy, but why did Mr. Kawasaki leave out the primary chart about Engagement. The real study of how he’s doing is not volume, it is engagement. How many of the millions upon millions of tweets are getting clicked on or retweated is an interesting number, but what we need to know is how many billions of tweets were necessary to gain these seemingly astounding numbers.

I tried to start up a conversation. And see if the master would give us more data.


But he was not interested in that much exposure. It might not meet his expectations of his staff of tweeters.

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 7.13.31 AM

Well, the biggest win was getting him into a conversation about it. At least he’s hearing the discord. What I really wanted was a dialogue about it. Oh, and for him to unblock the real social media account.


But, I’m fairly certain that’s not going to happen. And the channel has gone dark again. Oh well, thanks for the data, Guy. Would love you to get real with twitter again and stop using it like a publicity machine. Yes, you can use Twitter how you would like to use Twitter and anyone who disagrees can unfollow you. I know the argument. But you’re a leader and should behave like a good social citizen again. Today you’re a bot with a huge reach. You haven’t always been this way. I remember…

And since 2009 I’ve been saying the same thing about Twitter and social media in general.

  1. Be Real.
  2. Be Real-time.
  3. Don’t Auto Anything.

That’s still the only way back to a social media that serves us all. It’s not social if you’re just using it to blast repeated messages over and over 24/7. If you have 2,000,000 followers or 200 it’s how you use social media that determines your value as a leader and as a trust agent.

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

He doesn’t tweet like himself, he doesn’t look like himself either. Oct. 2016.


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