State of the Twittersphere by HubSpot: 80% no URL in bio, 76% no bio!

Hubspot has release the State of the Twittersphere June 09. It’s a bit light on the data. I was expecting more usable information. For my interest, here is the primary stats page that outlines how people are joining but not “using” Twitter.

* 79.79% failed to provide a homepage URL
* 75.86% of users have not entered a bio in their profile
* 68.68% have not specified a location
* 55.50% are not following anyone
* 54.88% have never tweeted
* 52.71% have no followers

So aside from more than half us us being lurkers only, and (in a different report) 60% of users never returning to tweet after the first 30 days, only 20% of us actually have homepages and 25% of us even have bios.

So in an interesting discussion illuminating some of these ideas yesterday, I tweeted, “#TWITTERRULE 06-09-09 1. No Avatar. UNFOLLOW. 2. Weird name. UNFOLLOW. Hint: if you don’t have time to brand yourself I don’t either!”

A couple tweeps took up my challenge and questioned my logic, but my point was this, “Hint: if you don’t have time to brand yourself I don’t either!” = If your avatar is generic and your name is bubba what is yr Brand?”

In this new era of personal branding what does your Twitter user name say about your priorities and focus. Are you a tweeting as a game?


Or perhaps tweeting as a get rich quick scheme? Or do you use Auto-DM as a way to artificially “connect” with me?


Or, the lowest form a tweetie, the porn girls:


So keepin it REAL in Twitter, IMO (in my opinion) is critical to connecting with other people. Businesses, Realtors and Insurance Sales folk, skin dealers and MLM sharks are all beginning to Tweet the system in full force these days. And even the legit celebrities like Oprah, Lance Armstrong, and Mr. Demi Moore are starting to bring ever more people to Twitter.

But I guess that these are the people that will never create a bio and after 30 days will never come back. Even Oprah has fallen relatively silent. So what is becoming of Twitter? Land of the lurk? How odd that a “communication medium” in some circumstances, is becoming a communication platform, just like email or RSS, one way from celebrity/expert to followers.

I believe it can be so much more.

Respect the tweet, I say. Respect the tweet.


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