Google Buzz * Is Gonna RAWK: Web Worker Daily Seems to Love It

The miss here is that just because Buzz "lives in your Gmail" does not make it better or more connective than lots of other apps/sites/services. For example: if you are just looking for threading and connectivity outside of the system look at FriendFeed and If you are looking for streamlining your communications don't jump on Buzz and ask everyone to join you on Buzz, simple cull your Twitter and Facebook accounts. If you've gotten yourself in a bad place with those services (too many games, following to many spammy tweeters) it is your responsibility to work with those services to get them back under control.

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A Tweeting Fool or a Tweeting Genius? How Do YOU Add Value to the Tweetstream?

Still genius is everywhere among us. Some geniuses focus their intelligence more effectively than others. And even us sub-geniuses can learn to be more efficient and effective by putting what mental resources we have on the task of posing or answering questions. And that activity leads to a better possibility of creating something of value in the dialogue between us.

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It’s Not ADD Mom, It’s Attention Deficit Trait – I’m Learning To Be This Way

I'd say we are learning and trying to become better and this micro-switching, multi-threading process that is quite inefficient. I have been trying to achieve better focus by shutting down Twitter and Facebook and email when I am trying to write. IM is like the ultimate distraction, and Twitter is just like IM with lots of folks. So, if you want to get something done, TURN IT ALL OFF.

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