| June 09’s That’s #$%[email protected] Funny WINNER ::

If Twitter is a marketing channel for you, that's okay if you're DELL and I choose to follow your Dell Outlet tweetstream. But Twitter-as-RSS "because it's easier to explain than RSS" is a bad answer. If there is no "conversation" going on, there is no Twitter. Twitter is a two-way conversation. Folks using it in the old school "broadcast media" way... Well you may jack your follower list up, but you're jacking the process at the same time. After you DO Twitter for a bit, you'll either find the value in the conversation or you won't. But which ever way you go, please don't AUTOMATE anything. I'm trying to build a tool that will AUTOMATE UNFOLLOWING of people usings Tweetlater or other AUTO-BOT tools. For June 2009 the That's #$%[email protected] Funny WINNER is TWEETLATER.COM.

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