Take Back Facebook: The LIKE-Cycle vs The Deadpool

Take Back Facebook: The LIKE-Cycle vs The Deadpool

Here’s how to make Facebook your own again. LIKE things you LIKE. Share things you really like. If you want more friends ask. If you want more followers publish funny or helpful stuff. 

In this way you begin to see more of the stuff you LIKE and you help promote the posts you LIKE to more people you are friends with. It starts a LIKE-Cycle. That’s what you want.

It’s no mystery that Facebook is sucking more these days. As the company tries to impress shareholders and return profits on our social backs, the news feed is now cluttered with a lot of stuff we don’t care about. Say 80% of stuff we don’t care about. Some of it is our fault.

  • Opt out of pages you don’t love.
  • Kill the pages you have randomly liked. (Heinz Catsup and Haines Underwear, really? What do these brands add to your news feed?)
  • When you see a post that you don’t like on you wall, HIDE IT. Hiding gives you a few additional options: 1. If you want to block the ADVERTISER do so; 2. If you want to unfollow the page do so.
  • Like stuff you want to see more of.
  • Share stuff you want to spread.
  • And create new posts to re-engage your friends. If they don’t LIKE your content every now and then, you will drop off their radar and sink into the deadpool.

The Facebook Deadpool

You have a lot of friends who lurk. The don’t post or like anything. They just read other’s walls and absorb. These people are the hardest to stay in touch with. If you are a lurker you are really letting Facebook determine 100% of what you see on a daily basis. Don’t lurk, engage.

If you are shown post from about 2% – 4% (usually the same friends who post a lot and like a lot.) you’re really missing about 96% of your friends. There are a few things you can do to get their stories back in your feed, even if they don’t post or like.

Visit and like some of their posts. Engage more with the people you want to see more of. In this way you begin to shape your newsfeed to contain this Deadpool friend again.

Finally, be active. We know you check Facebook a couple of times a day. A LIKE costs you nothing. And if might give you the opportunity to share something between you and this distant friend. Something like a CONVERSATION. Well, okay, a comment is not a conversation, but it’s a start. It’s better than a LIKE and it’s a lot better than NOTHING.

Don’t put yourself into the Deadpool. Do some engaging today. Unlike brands you are following. Unlike movies and books. Unlike anything that you are no longer interested in. And see how your news feed begins to resemble a “friends” feed. You’re still not likely to get over 5% pure friend news, but you can do better than 2%.

Don’t be a Deadpool deadbeat friend. LIKE, SHARE, and POST. You’re Facebook experience will improve. Heck, maybe even your relationships will improve.

BTW: you can start with this post. What do you have to lose?

Finally, when Facebook shows you the little cactus and asks if you will help them “improve your feed,” do it. Their little process shows you two posts and asks you which one you’d like to see more. It’s subtle, but it does work.

Basically, get active on Facebook again. What you put into the equation is what you’re going to get out of it. LIKE stuff and see more of it. HIDE stuff and see less of it. And most of all, engage with friends you want to see more about.

Bonus Tip: This also works on LinkedIn which is looking a lot more like Facebook these days.

John McElhenney
@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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