Does Technorati Carry Any Authority Today? Where Do We Turn for Reputation and Authority?

Once upon a time, back in the early days of the internet and blogging and tech writing, Technorati was THE Authority. Now I’m wondering if my authority on Technorati has any authority at all? I used to work hard to build affiliations and affinities with others hoping to gain traction on a subject. Unfortunately today, the Technorati site looks like a fairly generic news site. Digg Lite with the style of Yahoo 2008 and the colors of Wired 2001.

Here’s the site profile that I use to work on and manage with care.

I remember getting that first authority point.

Today I doubt if anyone outside the very techie ever visits Technorati. Did Google’s Blog Search kill what was once the defacto Blogging Tracking and Searching engine?

If so, what is in it’s place?

Klout? Um, not exactly. Klout is an algorithmically generated authority score. It’s okay, but it doesn’t have the care or clarity of Technorati’s curated authority. I’m sure there is a way to game your Klout score.

How can my K score drop on a day when my blog traffic is through the roof?

On a day when my blog experienced a nice spike in traffic my Klout score actually went down. Oh, yeah, it’s based on Tweets and Facebook LIKES. Hmmm. (I’m seriously worried that they’ve added Foursquare into the K mix. How is a check-in a Klout building activity?)

And then there’s PeerIndex. I’ve just joined to see what they are all about. I will update this post when I’ve done my research.

Or maybe the Ad Age Power 150, if you are in marketing and advertising.

Conclusion: I’d love to see Technorati return to it’s former glory, but it’s going to take some serious social campaigning. Or perhaps KLOUT could buy them and incorporate their years of work into the K-score. Or better yet, Technorati could come out with their own BADGE and REWARDS system. I might just have to make my own, for now. (grin)

Where do you get your authority on the web?

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