That’s Just Tweetin Funny: Tremendous News Does a Twitter Celeb Roast

miss iPhone

You’ve got to read the post to get the full impact of this hilarious post. Tremendous News does the 10 Popular Celebrities on Twitter and he does them right. A sample from the post:

Now, this article isn’t a pointed shot at celebrities.

In fact, I enjoy celebrities. They delight me as I sit at home in my peejay pants and screen them on my television device.

This article is a shot at how celebrities use Twitter.

Also, a way for me to delay coming to terms with my own failures by roasting celebrities who have way more success than me.

Wow.  That was a little deep and alarming.


And being the responsive blogger and advocate and social media exper**, uh, I mean maven that I am… Well I had to pen a response. Here is my comment in toto:

Damn… All I can say, in my Jon Stewart voice, “NAILED IT.”

While I agree with 100% of you choices… Your FAILURE (I think you requested this tone in your ‘about’ section) is in missing these three MONDO TWEETER TYPES. So, officially your post is 100% accurate, it is also lacking. (Not in humor, it is frackin hilarious, I might add, and just did.)

the social media dude or disorders
the social media dude of disorders

Here are the 3 TYPES you might find a place for in your future annals of fame.

Mr. 50k – Auto-Everything, tweetin and RTin everything, inane chat via twitter goes like this: “hi @dumbkoff” and “have you been on twitter long?” and “what can I say, I love Twitter.”

Little Miss iPhone – tweetin my status even when I don’t have one… like this “just had a diet coke” and “no more candy for me today” and “well that’s it wonderful tweeps, I’m logging off and going home for the night”

Professor Makin You Millions Or Famous Or Hugely Followed – another lover of the auto-dm. Tweets sound like “Hey, thanks for the follow, check out my 20k followers in 20 minutes a day eBook” and “I can show you how the REAL MONEY is being made on social media”

(Cause we all know the fake money is being made somewhere else.)

Love your work man, or astroman!


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