What’s the Status of the $300 PC In Today’s Marketplace?

What’s the Status of the $300 PC In Today’s Marketplace?

Okay, here we go, the largest single shopping day of the year, and then the largest online shopping day of the year. If there is any time to find a sub-$300 pc, now is the time. I’m currently running a Macbook Pro with a 2.5 i5 processor (1st gen) with 8 gigs of ram, but Parallels can’t keep up with my hard-core music software, Sony ACID Pro. So I’m in the market for a little box that can output to my 27″ monitor in VGA or HDMI, has about 3 Gigs of ram and a modern processor. Sounds like an easy quest. Well, we’ll see. My guess is, even after the sales and crazy deals, that I will be undecided on Tuesday of next week.

Is it my problem, or does the PC industry suffer from a clone mentality? I’m not interested in a Dell or an HP, but I’ll shop them. I’m just tellin ya, it’s not going to be that easy.

(No offense intended to my friends who still work at Dell.) My Dell friend did send me a link to these, that were working.

Dell has some PC's in the $300 range

And what’s Microsoft’s Retail Store showing?

Dell and MSFT seem to have a good working relationship

But there is a nice looking laptop in their Black Friday deals section.

Too bad I’m looking for a little box for under my desk.

Onward through the fog and hell.

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