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movie review - the adjustment bureau

It wasn’t until the credits started that I saw that The Adjustment Bureau was a Philip K. Dick story. AH, that makes so much sense.

So here’s the premise, without any spoilers, if you ran into the girl of your dreams and lost her soon there after would you do whatever it takes to find her again and keep her? And the bigger question, if being with someone means you settle for a mundane life, but you are happily mundane, is that the right choice as well?

Matt Damon is excellent. I like that he is getting older like the rest of us. He does a good middle age man too. And Emily Blunt is also quite raveshing as the muse. A dancer, “not that kind of dancer,” she says at one point in the movie.

It is a twisted matrix/inception type thriller that has you wondering what rabbit is going to be pulled out of a hat next. There’s even a blue door, which echos the choice in the Matrix, take the blue pill or the red pill. So here’s the question for me, how did he know, after a chance meeting in a men’s bathroom, and then 15 minutes on a public bus, that this was the woman he was going to be, HAD TO BE, with? How does that happen so quickly? And does it?

She’s beautiful. She’s sparkly and witty with her repartee. And they have absolutely nothing in common. She inspires him and appears to validate his political aspirations. She GETS him. And he sees a beautiful dancer who could be his running buddy. And this is the set up for the fight of their lives?

Okay, so maybe I’m taking things a bit literal, and I am not keeping my editorial distance (who said I had to) from my own personal take on this situation. But here it is: I was eating in a restaurant this morning and I could’ve fallin in love with about 4 women at various tables. Now, I know this is MY projection of who they are, who they might be. I am putting my fantasies on them without knowing a thing about them. When it gets down to actually growing into a relationship, there’s a lot more than sparkly and spunky that are required. So the actress is beautiful, and she is inspiring to watch. But that next morning when they wake up, what are they going to talk about? What things in his life will cross over and make sense in hers?

So it is a Philip K. Dick thriller after all, but the premise holds on the LOVE that the two of them inspire in each other. And while I loved the movie, I’m not convinced that love works like that. But I’m also not convinced that the Adjustment Bureau doesn’t exist.


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