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— This post is a response to Larry Hawes post: The Seven “C”s of Social Interaction

Humor me for a sec, I’m going to think out loud…

Conversations – well this is the topic, so I’d cut it
Continuum – like the word, I’m not clear what you mean
Container – don’t like the word, but okay on this one
Community I think this is the topic, so I’d scratch this one.
Currency – “one person desires something that another has” [let’s come back to this one in a sec]
Credibility – the biggie to me – I use the word TRUST
Connectivity – nice, multiple meanings [physical connection via internet; connection to another person via the conversation]

I’m going to take a shot at simplifying the “framework” if I can.


or at a start up I once labored at we rallied around the formula to “make it scale”:


In order to evaluate the power/value of a social interaction I think the focus is on the “connection.” And when I think of major connection I think of looking in someone’s eyes and evaluating what I call the “connect.” [Nice how that fit together.]

Online of course, we will be interacting and trying to connect with folks we have never met and may never meet. At the heart of this tension is trust. The software/platform can help, a skype connection could help, but at the end of the day, even my “friend” will have to ask themselves, “what’s in this for me?” I think that’s our basic instinct. And certainly as things have tightened up financially, the “how does this impact the bottom line?” question is becoming more urgent.

So to summarize a simplified formula I would express it like this.

People [multiplied by] Platform [divided by] each Individual‘s ability to express themselves during the connection [minus] Misses or clash of style that degrades the communication.

So a simplified social media equation might be written like this:

P x P / I – M =  T [trust ratio of a connection/community]

[Oh, hey, I’ve got to get out of here, I need to get some t-shirts printed with this new formula on them. I’ll send you the link to the order form when I’m done. SEE BELOW. 😉 ]

So, Larry, thanks starting the dialogue. And if I get any money off these t-shirts I’m working on, I’ll give you 9.7% of the profits after tax. [based on the above formula and this interaction that we’ve just had]


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