The State of Disconnect – #blogathonatx post #1

I've got better things to write aboutEating breakfast this morning at a local haunt I was stunned by the number of people txting while sitting at the table with friends. Let’s examine this phenom and see if it’s okay or not okay.

What are you saying to the other people at the table?

  • I’ve got better things to do.
  • I’m just not that into you.
  • There’s this one last thing I have to communicate.
  • Just a second, this is important.
  • This is the TXT I was waiting for.

What the people at the table are saying about you.

  • What a jerk.
  • I’m gonna toss that iPhone out.
  • Maybe I should check my phone for more interesting conversations.
  • Can I borrow your iPhone to watch some Netflix?
  • Pass the salt.

TWO TRUE STORIES from my recent past.

A celebratory offsite lunch for the team. I was at a table with seven other people for about 2.5 hours. (It was one of those the-meal-is-the-fun places.) The woman sitting next to me was blowin and goin on her iPhone the entire time. She paused for each course. But blew right past dessert and was out of there just in time to make the important date she was txting the entire meal.

There was one other techie at the table with us who checked and responded to their phone about six times. You could see he was a bit self-consious about it. The TXTing woman never had a clue.

The sad part was the rest of us trying to make conversation. We were from different teams, that’s kind of why we were having the lunch in the first place, and were struggling to get some collective topics going. BESIDES WORK.

Bottom line: the lunch sucked. The team spirit was crushed. The TXTing at the table crowd should be gathered at the same table so they can ignore each other.


Another work¬†camaraderie¬†outing. This time 4 of 6 people had iPhones and were literally playing Words with Friends while we were sitting listening to live blues at a club. (My apologies to the already-sad blues band.) I have a picture somewhere of the table. While they were trying the descrete-under-the-table-so-you-won’t-notice method, it was sickening. I’m out to have a good time with them. I’m trying to have a conversation and listen to some groovy music. And “wait a minute” YOU’RE PLAYING A FKIN GAME?


So my request is to set your TXT on stun and put your ringtone on vibrate if we’re going to be spending any time together. Otherwise, don’t waste my time. I could be at home writing.


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