The Twitter Way – Book One – Life

The Twitter Way - Book One: LIFE

Twitter is the flash-point for so many of the changes in social media, online interactions, and even business development online. Let’s try and get it right.

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I’m excited to finally have come through some remarkable journeys to get this one out. And I’m happy to share that The Twitter Way is being released in FOUR books. Here is the map of the path. Wow.

The Twitter Way – Book Two – War

From the TwitterSniper to Mr. 50k to the Uber-Spamers, Twitter is at war with the noise generators, couponers, and repetitive cannon blasters. We will look at some historical and recent twitter clashes and see what we can learn from 140c engagement. The goal of war is often security and balance rather than takeover and domination. That will be our approach.

The Twitter Way – Book Three – Love

Relationships, community, and affinity groups are all wonderful benefits of the Twitterverse if you know how to navigate the mess. And perhaps romantic love is no more than a tweet away.

The Twitter Way – Book Four – Prosperity

Tweeting for dollars, building your reputation and reach, and growing your business, those are all of the goals of prosperity. Twitter is an arrow in your quiver. Get prosperity right and you are well on your way to mastering all forms of The Twitter Way.

I hope you enjoy Book One. Press or review inquiries are welcome via my contact page.

For now, you can get to the raw material for all of the books, even as they are being written here on The Twitter Way page. Many of the raw ideas are being transformed and restructured as part of the recrafting process. And you can look here for a taste of my own concept of the Zen of the Tweet.

You are what you tweet. — The Twitter Way

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