The Zero Ad Concept on Facebook and LinkedIn; Impressions for Free

Getting views and impressions and not paying for themSo you want branding on the web. And you want exposure on Facebook and LinkedIn, but you don’t have much of a budget. Here’s a neat little tip that may put you in front of some eyeballs and not scrape your wallet clean. Here’s a little something I call THE ZERO AD.

Here’s my monthly report on 2 linkedin ads i’m running.

Clicks ZERO - Paid ZERO - Impressions 5K

Clicks ZERO – Paid ZERO – Impressions 5K. (Okay, I paid $3.26 for the full month.) And my targeting was very specific and aimed at local customers for my consulting services.

It’s as simple as that. I wonder if all the really crappy ads on Facebook that say LIKE US for no apparent reason, are doing just the opposite of asking for the LIKE. They are simply saying LOOK at this, see the name, see the image, don’t click, don’t waste our budget.

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