MICRO-Review: THOR, That Human Love Interest Thing

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I’ve just finished seeing Thor with my 10 year old son. And I’m trying to remember what I liked about it. And I did like it.

Let’s see.

Branagh movie, dark and with it’s heavy parts, YES. Some good action sequences, YES. Good THOR, YES. And the Gatekeeper was very good as well. Overall it was a good movie, entertaining.

However there were a couple things that might have been better. The love interest with Natalie Portman seemed scribbled in rather than fully-drawn. As if the “hero has to have a love interest to make it interesting” rule was in force here, but perhaps Kenneth B didn’t fully embrace the need. My son found the sidekick Darcy much more alluring. Sure Portman was pretty. But the interactions between her and THOR were never fleshed out. They kissed before THOR raced off to save the universe, (A young girl in the seat behind us repeated, “Don’t kiss her.”) but when he makes the most important decision in his life, the question hinges lightly on if he will see Jane again, and the moment of levity is lost because there is no real connection. Can a top movie be made without the love requisite? If it’s gotta be there, then the Spiderman franchise is a good example of how to bring it to life. You can’t merely throw in a gorgeous actress, you have to give it some heart.

The product placement of the Honda/Acura BLACK CARS of the Government Entity was pretty cool. And Southwest Airlines popped up twice, quite creatively, I might add. And New Mexico made a very nice backdrop for all the little-country-city scenes and also for the Rosewellian over tones.

The movie pivots on the life of the KING and his relationship to his two sons THOR and LOKI. And Anthoy Hopkins does a fine job in this gravitas role, the one criticism I heard was about the Branagh/Hopkins too much weight into the father role. Well, I don’t think there was a standout “I’m your father Luke” scene. But the rivalry for the father’s love did seem to drive much of the son’s actions. But enough of that, back to the ACTION.

I didn’t see the 3D version. And from what one friend said yesterday, “Where was the 3D?” it sounds like it might have been another gratuitous slap on effect. I’ve gotten to where I pick out the non-3D version. It seems clearer and less gimmicky to me. And the odd thing is, my kids prefer the non-3D version as well.

Go see it if you want some action, a little bit of father/son mythos and very little sexual chemistry. But THOR ain’t about the love interest, that’s what I’m trying to say.

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