Top Five Everything That Matters: Posts, Referrals, Tweeters

Top Five Everything That Matters: Posts, Referrals, Tweeters

top 5 social media posts of 2013

Top # Lists are usually lazy and designed only as link bait. This is not one of those list lists. Here are my top 5 referrers and the top 5 posts, in case you missed them.

the top social media marketing posts 2013 so far


Top Pages

  1. Death of the Social Media Strategist: Overselling & Underperforming from the Start | – 1,088 Views
  2. | HUMOR: The Final Tweets of @j_tsar the Boston Bombing Suspect 4-19-13 – 712 Views
  3. | Bungle in the Jungle or What’s In a Snipe: Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement – 243 Views
  4. | Why Dell is Failing in 2013; Countdown to the PC Apocalypse – 156 Views
  5. Learning to Manage the Information Overload of Social Media | – 149 Views


  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Mobile Facebook
  4. BI.COM – the social media strategist pickup
  5. Google Plus

And the searches that resulted in traffic to

  1. the ever elusive (not provided) < thanks Google
  2. “social media insights”
  3. “twitter jail rules”
  4. @jahar
  5. “what is all this hashtag stuff”

And just to give this a small amount of link bait, here are my TOP 5 MUST FOLLOW TWITTER ACCOUNTS;

  1. Dayngr – Sassy social media pusher, marketer and strategist, connector, adventure seeker, changemaker, lifestyle blogger. Ever Dayngrous! (Sr. #Cmgr ☁ @marketingcloud)
  2. Writerlulu – writer and lover – I care about mental illness, asperger syndrome, and grace – social media helps me meet cool people #PoetryAustin
  3. FreelanceAustin – Where Austin’s creative, independent professionals (writers, web designers, photographers, etc.) enjoy networking & job leads. Tweets by @SheilaS
  4. Jay Baer – President of  a hype-free social and content accelerator firm. Keynote speaker. Author of Youtility. Tequila guy.
  5. Niv Calderon – Innovator, Founder of Like for Israel, Speaker, Blogger, Professional Photographer, Die Hard Trekkie

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