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true twit must die

Update: I just shot a 40-second video on how to use Tweetdeck’s filtering function to remove all TrueTwit references. DONE.


Back in the early days of Twitter, turning on an auto-responder of any kind was bad form. (I still think it is…) But there’s a “service” that people are giving in to, much like Plaxo in the early 2000’s, that is bad news. And here’s why.

So I’m hunting the webz, I’m cruising Twitter groups and lists and something compels me to follow you on Twitter. Big deal, right? Well, it’s not as easy as you might imagine to find you, and to find a reason to follow you. But that happened. And I clicked the big white button and turned it GREEN into “Following.”

And what’s the first message you send me?

“I’m sorry, you might be spam, so I’m setting this auto-responding robot off to verify your validity.” And “BTW, you can’t follow me unless you validate yourself with TrueTwit.”

Um, not so fast there TweetMonster. I have several problems with this.

1. I don’t think auto-responders are the way to go, even if you wrote the response yourself. Most of them sound a bit like this, “Hey, glad you followed, you might want to check out my MLM plan to get 1,000 followers every day.” OR “Thanks for the follow, let’s connect on facebook too, here’s the link,” OR “Download my new eBook and learn the secrets of Internet Marketing today.”

2. The “follow” is a fragile action. It’s very easy to “unfollow” or in the case of TrueTwit, never frackin validate my profile. As a rule, I’ve written off TrueTwit users. If you’ve got it, you just lost me.

3. You are filling up my Direct Message column on Tweetdeck with Twitter Spam. I want to see messages back to me from humans. Yes, I’ll tollerate the auto-reply if it’s not too salesy. But all these “XXXX uses TrueTwit” forget about it. You’ve not only hit me with an auto-response, you’ve asked me to validate, or in other words, condone, your use of this insidious tool. Well, I’m unfollowing you as fast as I can. Or wait, if the message is real, I don’t have to do anything, TrueTwit will not allow the follow, right?

4. So much of Twitter is becoming auto-self-promo-hype-deals-coupons-offers, I’m having a hard time finding any conversation worth following. But I’m still trying. You’re TrueTwit noise is just another of the bad ideas that need to go away. You can start with your own account. Disable TrueTwit, don’t subject your potential followers to your auto-cyber-cop.

5. Twitter is about people not robots. Robots can tweet out coupons and deals and MLM marketing offers. And they do. Oh, boy they do. But I try not to follow robots. I want to follow people who are putting ideas and conversations and funny thoughts down in Tweets. If you are a robot, or use a robot butler, you are part of the problem.

6. It’s great to have something to stand for and against. So, I am FOR direct messages when they show that the person is responding directly to me and has written something to ME, not the everyman ME. I am AGAINST all auto-functions involving Twitter. No auto-tweeting, no auto-responding, no auto-scheduling your tweets for later. Don’t auto anything.

Other than that, I’m glad I found you and let’s see if a conversation develops between us. Positive or negative is fine. But auto is not.


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  1. I’ve been using TrueTwit for years and I wouldn’t be without it. The number of SPAM followers I have is probably down 90% on what it was – if people really WANT to follow me  they will validate. If they’re too lazy to, then I don’t want them as a follower anyway and that’s their loss, not mine.

    You writing off TrueTwit users is narrow minded and childish.

    Needless to say you won’t be following me – which is a great pity… FOR YOU !!

    1. We can agree to disagree on TrueTwit and I won’t ever be able to enjoy your Twisdom. ;-(  My loss I’m sure. #truetwit

      1. I *agree* that the DMs are a pain at times, but I usually ignore them anyway…

        1. The twitter spam problem is huge. But I’m not a fan of validation or auto solutions. I’ve been plaxo’d before. #truetwit

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