Twitter for Social Media Marketing Research and Ideas: Know Your #Hashtags

I’ve done this same exercise many times. But it’s always a good idea to check your assumptions. I like to tag my social media related tweets with a hashtag to reach others, not following me, who might be interested in what I find. So there are three tags I use. And I think I know which one is the BIG winner, but I’m a bit fuzzy on the differences. And that’s good enough for me to run the chart again, AND if I’m running it, I need to show YOU how to run it. For whatever terms and topics you are tweeting on or interested in learning more about.

Here are my three tags. #socialmedia, #social, #smm (which stands for social media marketing) And here’s the chart showing Twitter volume for these hashtags.

Doing Hashtags on Twitter - learn more about them.
click to run the chart live

What you can’t see in my screen grab is how interactive this chart is. Here’s the LIVE LINK to run the same data yourself. And once you’re on the page you can enter your own search terms with commas between them. Want to do some research on your brand vs. others. What are people tweeting about? TwitterVenn is a fantastic tool to get quick results.

One more. What about #business and #marketing? Let’s look at how those hashtags match up with #socialmedia.

Business and Marketing hashtags in Twitter
Click to view full-sized

I was pretty sure that #marketing was going to be a much higher volume tag than business, and it’s much less. Wow. A new learning for me.

I go to TwitterVenn over and over to find competitive research, keywords for seo, and general buzz about any topic. The more you know the more you know. (grin)

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  1. Greetings from this side of the pond! 
    I find your writting style refreshing! Excellent article on hashtags and their relevance in order to stay and grow informed! I have a problem I follow 3 languages French, German and English and now I’m telling you I do not know tools for that! May be I should get one developed! Regards from this side of Europe (Hamburg GER) @brunogebarski

    1. Thanks Bruno. I’m enjoying Seesmic. And the old Tweetdeck used to have a great Translate tab.

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