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I was browsing Mr. 50k’s site and I saw a wonderful example of why Twitter is Dying from the slow choke hold of stuff like this.

Picture 98

Let’s see if we can spot the things that are wrong, just in this “above the fold” screen grab of TWEETLATER – productivity tools for busy tweeple. (If you’re that darn busy, do something else. I’m too busy to follow your Auto/Reused/Scheduled info any way. Tweet with me not AT ME.

1. Schedule tweets (No! Don’t schedule tweets! either tweet when you are on or DON’T TWEET. It’s not email folks!)

2. Bulk upload tweets (I don’t know where I’d bulk upload them from, but I bet Tweetlater can help me with that too._

3. Save and Reuse drafts (Uh, copy and paste don’t work on your machine or what? RT key stuck or something?)

4. Send Welcome DMs to New Followers – AUTOMATE (This is the ULTIMATE fail. Auto-DMing, or being an auto-bot is actually the quickest way to cheapen your twitter value. “Hi John, thanks for following me, I’m sure we have lots to tweet about, click here to buy my new eBook.”)

5. Follow those who follow you – AUTOMATE (Why? I’ll tell you why. Just to build followers. That’s stupid.)

No matter what Mr. 50k says, if you’re just going for the numbers, then you’re turning your tweetstream into a numbers game. At that point it is not a conversation it’s a marketing tool.

If Twitter is a marketing channel for you, that’s okay if you’re DELL and I choose to follow your Dell Outlet tweetstream. But Twitter-as-RSS “because it’s easier to explain than RSS” is a bad answer. If there is no “conversation” going on, there is no Twitter. Twitter is a two-way conversation. Folks using it in the old school “broadcast media” way… Well you may jack your follower list up, but you’re jacking the process at the same time.

That's #$%!@in Funny

You’ll see. After you DO Twitter for a bit, you’ll either find the value in the conversation or you won’t. But which ever way you go, please don’t AUTOMATE anything. I’m trying to build a tool that will AUTOMATE UNFOLLOWING of people using Tweetlater or other AUTO-BOT tools.

For June 2009 the That’s #$%[email protected] Funny WINNER is TWEETLATER.COM.

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Honorable mention to Mr. 50k who is now passed 100k. He is bulldozing his way into Twitter-infamy. The wrong kind in my opinion. But a Twitter Luminary nonetheless.


So Rob, if you’re reading this, can you answer another question for me? “How do you manage your 103k friends?”

Do you cull the PORN Tweeters, the MLM marketers, the CASH4TWEETS scammers out of your follower stream? Do you have any criteria by which you WON’T follow someone? Oh, wait… You just AUTO-FOLLOWED them. [I’ve got to get this AUTO-UNFOLLOWER App going.]

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