@Tweetsmarter’s Influential Followers; How a Twitter Influencer Shows Appreciation

Thank you @tweetsmarter. Today, my little corner of the web had its own little viral happening. Not *huge* but in terms of excitement in blogging this is about as good as it gets.

a large flux of tweeters give me some hits

They’ve got a ton of followers. And my post was a few weeks old. But when @tweetsmarter says “pay attention” a lot of tweeter do. And unlike the twitter-bots I outline in the post they mentioned (Twitter Bot Network Invades Social Media for Business: How BotNets Work) these tweeters wield some link love.

How a Twitter influencer works

Update on today’s rise:

Thanks fo @tweetsmarter for the big rise today

Unlike a Twitter Spammer, @tweetsmarter is a Twitter Influencer. Their influence is fast and furious. And clearly a lot of tweeters are following them to pass their wisdom on to their flocks.

From the image above you can see how the @tweetsmarter cascade began. And it out flanks any activity I can encourage with my small network and facebook friends. Often in the social media world it is important to do all the socializing you can, without being spammy or rude, but when a single tweet can quadruple any of your other efforts, it’s a fun thing to see.

151 views on a Sunday is a pretty big turnout. Especially for an aging post.

Thank you @tweetsmarter. I’m doing my part to make Twitter a better place for everyone. And the biggest kudos I can get for what I do is a bit of social love from a group like you. So, again, THANK YOU.


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