Twitter 101: Hashtag Discovery & Business: How-To Do Social Media Marketing Research

Hashtags on Twitter are like Keywords for SEO or SEARCH. If you’re not tagging them, your tweets are not being found!

Learning Social Media Marketing and Market Research
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Know your target tags

  • if you tweet it you should read it
  • know which tags fit your content
  • research #tags to find new influencers

Use tools to understand tag activity

  • twittervenn (compare up to three search terms or hashtags – a very useable chart)
  • trendistic (view a hashtag’s activity over time)
  • (what tweets are being ReTweeted the most?)
  • trendsmap (amazing map showing the trending twitter topics above their regions)
  • twitterstreamgraphs (Show the words associated with a hashtag and how they are trending)

The chart is available and downloadable on Twitter 101: Hashtags for Discovery and Business

NOTE: Hashtags are also supported and very active on Google+, the research tools and marketshare are still catching up.

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  1. ‘…your tweets…’ not ‘…you’re tweets…’

    1. damn damn damn, I think I get typing so fast I transmutate them all the time. Thanks for keeping my spelling in check. Really!

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