Twitter and WordPress Move In Together: WordPress Unlocks a Twitter API

As if your tweetstream weren’t full enough…

In this post on the WordPress blog Matt shows how he uses Tweetie 2 on his iPhone to read and update his WordPress blog and blog subscriptions. Kinda like an RSS feed into Tweet. Kinda…

Post and Read via Twitter API

Matt says, “I see the Twitter API as one of the new de facto standards that as many applications should support as possible. (Amazon S3 API too, why don’t all cloud storage providers use that?)”

So I get the concept of the Twitter-2-WordPress API, and the blog does a good job of explaining how to hook up your 140 character app to your more-than-140-character WordPress site. And perhaps it will become “de facto,” for what I am not sure. I like my RSS in a reader or in iGoogle. I like my tweets to be 140 characters or less. And the ReTweeting function is so messed up, all I need is another form of content jumping into the fray on my little BB screen.


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