Twitter Bot *Brian C* Arrives With a Business Offer that Sounds Too Good to Be True

Brian must not have read my post on Twitter Bots and the Bot Networks (Twitter Bot Network Invades Social Media for Business: How BotNets Work) that are starting to infest all of social media. Claiming to be legitimate businesses, these bot captains merely redirect their lifeless accounts to FOLLOW, LIKE, or ADD your account to show great growth. But since the accounts are bots there is zero business behind the offer. How long will a client think you are doing a great job, when the stellar growth produces no results?

I'm Awaiting Pricing from Brian the Twitter Bot Owner
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Here’s the first page of Brian’s business service. I don’t think I’m sharing any IP. (grin) It goes on with “bulk” pricing for multiple accounts.

Pricing for Twitter Bot Hookups

Be aware and have fun out there. Let’s get social.

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