BREAKING NEWS: Twitter Can Make You Happier | Top Twitter Tools

BREAKING NEWS: Twitter Can Make You Happier | Top Twitter Tools

Not really, but kinda.

If you spend time with Twitter you’re either gonna love it or leave it. A huge percentage (as high as 43% in a recent poll) of you will try Twitter and abandon or delete your account. Just as Twitter is trying to sell it’s IPO to the world, this terrible news is out. How many of Twitter’s reported users are really abandoned accounts? (I’m pretty sure I have created 50 or 60 Twitter accounts myself, so…)


If you get into Twitter there are a lot of things it can bring you. Happiness (at least in the form of laughter) is certainly one of those things. Wisdom? Perhaps. Marketing research? Absolutely. Love? Probably not. Let’s jump in and talk about what makes ME happy about Twitter. (Your mileage may vary.)

JFF: Just For Fun
Unlike Facebook, Twitter encourages parody accounts. And some of the funniest jokers do really yuk it up on Twitter. And for cultural currency, most major celebrity events spawn joke Twitter accounts during the event. Take for example the recent unmasking of @NatSecWonk (now disabled). This account was used for real-time snarks from within the White House, while National Security Council staffer Jofi Joseph went out to use his phone and smoke a cigarette, approximately 17 times a day. WHAT? Yep, so the Tweets are happening, the decision is who/what/how to follow. Here are a few of my all-time must follows for a laugh:

  • @sockington (the most famous tweeting cat) who is currently worrying over his Halloween costume.
  • @rickygervais (tests his snarky humor on Twitter first)
  • @stevenathome (Colbert rocks the twittersphere)

Getting some work done on Twitter requires tools. If you want to see how an ad is doing during a popular TV show, just watch the Twitter feed of that show (or episode’s) hashtag. Better than Nielson: It’s free and immediate. Need to know what people think about your brand (this primarily works for larger companies) you might want to search and tune-in to conversations around your brand and your competitor’s brands, just as an FYI. Want to see what’s happening in popular culture, see what’s trending on Twitter. There are plenty of tools that will let you see trending hashtags as well as follow them so you can listen or join in the conversation. Here are my top tweeting tools.

  • Tweetdeck (It’s gone downhill since being purchased by the mothership, but this is my go-to realtime Twitter tool.)
  • Hootsuite (The other big Twitter follow-engage tool. The real power starts when you begin paying.)
  • Tweetchat (Follow and join a Twitter-chat or Tweetchat using this simple site.)
  • Search.Twitter.Com (search for a term or hashtag and let Twitter unfold the magic for you)

What’s Trending on Twitter?
But getting a handle on Twitter for your business or pleasure requires learning and listening to topics that interest you. AND, finding new topics that are trending or might be of interest to you. Here are my top tools for asking Twitter, “What’s the trend?”

How Am I Doing On Twitter?
Finally there are several great tools that will help you grow and clean your Twitter participation (as a business or individual). Here are my top Twitter Account Management tools.

  • Manageflitter (How can I see who’s following me back, and who to unfollow?)
  • Tweetreach (How many people saw that last tweet?)
  • Twittaholic (See who’s top in your geographic area and overall on Twitter.)
  • Twittercounter (How are you doing, how do you stack up?)

That’s about it for my wrap-up. Get into Twitter or get offline, cause if you’re online (marketing, playing, searching for something to do) Twitter’s where it’s at.

Talk to me: Share your favorite Twitter Tools in the comments and I will add them to these lists. (I’ll even add a link to the Twitter account of the sharer, if you like.) THANKS.

I collect all the Twitter wisdom on a page, soon becoming a book: The Twitter Way

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Reference: Twitter Quitters Go Mainstream – Huffington Post

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  1. Thought I’d chip in on one of the Twitter tools that I’ve recently been using – in fact, I actually had someone custom build it for me ( The tool pulls off a list of any URLs that have been tweeted by a Twitter user and will then show you the domains that are most frequently tweeted by them.

    This can be used to give you an idea of the sites that they most frequently visit and share information from. Let me know what you think.

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