Twitter Death – Suspended Accounts: FEAR THIS “Your account is currently suspended”

Twitter Death – Suspended Accounts: FEAR THIS “Your account is currently suspended”


Fear This!

Twitter Death - Suspended Accounts

Now what? Click on the Suspended Accounts link and again on the Help Screen for Suspended Accounts. Ask for forgiveness (the first time) and then WTF? when it happens again. For no apparent reason. Hate the game not the playa!

Dear Twitter: Publish the Limits. And arbitrarily enforced “variety of reasons” leads to more spammers not better Twitter citizens. (Thought: it might be time to whip out the Twitter Joker on Twitter again. Maybe something like

Get a nice “Thanks!”

Um, yeah. So the Twitter Police have teeth. And I’m all for them suspending the spammy/scammy/porn/mlm/coupon accounts. All for it. If fact I encourage it.

And then something in their new more aggressive anti-spam campaign captures a new account I’ve created in the twitter net of death. And I spiral in to a dark place. And my followers and messages are gone. And as far as my constituents are concerned, I am dead and gone. Never was…

Let’s look at the account that was:

And to my fans and followers I am now:

And I’m not doing anything different than I was last week.

And it’s not the fkr – there is plenty of worse monikers on Twitter. Seems they are pretty open with the language and parody work going on. And that’s a good thing. So where did @brainyfkr cross the theoretical river or styx?

Here’s the email response from Twitter this morning. Let’s put it in txt so you can click on the links if you like:

Hello brainyfkr!

We understand that you’re contesting an account suspension. Please be sure to read this entire email; you will need to take further action in order to reopen your ticket and trigger a review of your account.

Twitter suspends accounts for a variety of reasons:

• If your account was suspended for aggressive following behavior, you should have received an email notification to the address associated with your Twitter account. You’ll need to confirm that you’ve removed all prohibited following automation from your account, and will stop any manual aggressive following behavior. To expedite your appeal process, please review our Best Practices page if you haven’t already, and then reply to this ticket with a confirmation that you understand our policies and will not engage in any prohibited following behavior.

• Please take a minute to review the Twitter Rules.

• If you received an email from [email protected] saying ‘you’re being suspended’ or that we’re going delete your account, you’re safe; the email is fake. More information here

• While we strive to avoid mistakes, it’s also possible that your account was suspended in error. If after reviewing the Rules, you have no idea why your account was suspended, just reply to this email indicating as much, and we’ll take another look at your case. Our apologies if the error turns out to be ours.

Twitter Trust & Safety

+++ my email response +++

I have not nor will I ever practice auto-follower or bad-faith following behaviors. I am using Twitter within it’s intended purposes. This account is tech/parody account and an examination of my tweets and follows will show that I’m well within any terms of service limits.

John McElhenney

Last time an email account styled Black Mamba restored my account. Saying I had been doing unauthorized following procedures. It took them about 5 days to air lift my brainy account back to the surface of the planet. I had lost all of my “following” and some of my “followers.” I mean if you see an account has been SUSPENDED I guess you block them. Right? I do.

So, let this be a lesson to you legitimate Twitter Jokers out there, Twitter is watching you. And if you step over their [Twitter suspends accounts for a variety of reasons:] variety of reasons. Well, I hope your business doesn’t depend on it.

I’ll update this post when the Black Mamba comes out of hiding and explains my new transgressions to me.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

Postmark: The funny thing is I already owned this domain and let it lapse. So I can’t get c-panel my Linux server admin system to let me re-point it at the moment. Calling tech support.

Getting WTFtwitter back up and running

Update-Day Two Suspended Account:

Twitter suspends my account - awaiting their response

Update-Day Three Suspended Account: Still nothing from Twitter Central. Tomorrow I’ll fire up brainyfkr2 just to get a run at this again. I was setting up a legitimate humor account with a TECH bent. I wasn’t doing anything spammy. Hey Twitter – Get it together.

UDATE Day whatever Suspended Account: Yay!



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  1. It may well be that followers reported a post and thus a resulting suspension.  Do you think maybe your account has been hacked and now you’re paying the price for it – sorry to hear your having a hassle

    1. Aw, it was something else. They eventually unlocked it. I’ve been a good standing tweeter ever since.

  2. What annoys me is that it suspends your accounts for automated things like “Auto post to twitter” from youtube. Which is ridiculous, why would all of these sites have these options? I made my account less than 24 hours ago, and already I’ve been suspended twice just for uploading youtube videos and having them auto post to my twitter.

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