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01, April, 2012 PRESS RE-RELEASE
Austin, Texas 

(For Immediate Release and Hype)


I’m happy to announce today, that Twitter has acquired Twitter Express and Twitter Exp. So you will be able to get the same accelerated experience now powered by the Real-Twitter-Engine. Because once you go back, you’ll never try anything else.

The terms of the agreement with Biz and Company were not made public, but let’s just say, I won’t be working a day job any more. But I am looking for a used BMW 650 convertible, if you know any body. Oh, and a ski boat.

Note: Twitter also acquired ClusterTweet, TwitterGhost, TwitterDestroyer, and TwitterHammer. Those applications however, will be shutdown immediately. And we got a lot fewer greenbacks for these. But hey, we were having fun.

The Twitter Joker Network, however will remain independent, as “The Fkn Funny Network(tm).”

If you’ve got something funny, and twitter-related, please forward it on to my new assistant Siri or email [email protected]

PRESS CONTACT: [email protected]
LEGAL CONTACT: [email protected]
USEDBMWINFO: [email protected]



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