Twitter Global Diversity – Tweetdeck’s Translation Powers – Your Babblefish is Here!

shergin said what?It’s hard to imagine wanting to seek out MORE people to follow and especially RANDOM connections and how about this, RUSSIAN or POLISH tweeters that aren’t even remotely understandable to my Latin-based tools of Spanish and English. So why…

I started following folks in Spanish about two months after I started using Twitter, mainly to get some idiomatic and contemporary language tickling my college and high school Spanish synapses. But that was before Tweetdeck. Today we have a tool that will let us “group” foreign languages or subjects into their own column. And then using Tweetdeck we can see the Russian or Spanish translated effortlessly into my native tongue of Texan  (or at least English, close enough)

1. i love design and innovation
Some of these folks, that I should not have any interest in following, are just as passionate about reaching out and expressing themselves (and some are just tweeters)

picture-812. the flat earth is global
listening to other perspectives and ideas helps me have a wider understanding of social media and the global impact of the information age

3. tweetdeck can translate their tweets for me
a babblefish tool right here in our times, just like Hitchhiker’s Guide, just check it out

4. serendipitous global friendships
i met a “good friend” Niv Calderon via a random follow when he happened to tweet in english instead of his native hebrew (who knows, we may get our video show on social media together at some point)

mickey's looked better5. there are innovative developments happening all over the world
i learned of a very interesting widget building platform being designed in Israel because of my connections to Niv. (i can’t retrieve it from my information capture system at the moment, but I’m working on that… ;-> )

So check it, get global, learn a language, follow folks from elsewhere, outside your comfort zone even!


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