Twitter Huh? So You Just Don’t Get Twitter? Let Me Explain…

Twitter Huh? So You Just Don’t Get Twitter? Let Me Explain…

A very savvy marketer said to me today, “I don’t think we should spend any time on Twitter. I just don’t see that it’s going to have an impact on my business.”


Obviously, I’m not doing my job right. Obviously, The Twitter Way needs to come out as a book, at some point. And obviously, most of the marketing world doesn’t understand, nor want to take the time to understand, Twitter. I understand the confusion, but I must put together my case studies to show what I know to be true. Twitter is the bomb.

First data point, from the Twitter Blog: Halfway through 2011, users on Twitter are now sending 200 million Tweets per day.

Second data point: Big players like Coke (650 k followers), Pepsi (1m followers), and Nike (850k followers) are spending a lot of money to Tweet, ReTweet, and build Twitter into their campaigns.

Pop Quiz: How many #superbowl tweets do you think there will be this year? Do you know that Twitter is a great indicator for how a Superbowl ad performed? Did you know there are entire companies centered around how to separate the Tweet from the chaff.

Founding CMO for Bazaarvoice, Sam Decker’s (12.5 k followers) new company, Mass Relevance (3,800 followers) is making mass waves by measuring, and relaying in real-time, twitter stats on major events. Think Superbowl and Presidential Inauguration.

And I’m betting your mind has jumped to this common conclusion. “Twitter is fine for Coke and Nike, but the small business has very little to gain from being in the tweetstream.” Well, you’d be wrong.

An upcoming exploration of my theory of Small Businesses finding Big Impact Via Twitter: Episode 1:  Pizza Wars in Austin: Austin’s Pizza (2,879 followers); Home Slice (7,000 followers); Brick Oven (1,000 followers).

Stay tuned. I’ve got some ‘splanin to do.

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