TWITTER LEADERSHIP, Please Bring Back the Twitter List

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Once upon a time, when Twitter was young and not driven specifically by profits, there was a wonderful tool called Twitter Lists. Where Followers was simply a numbers game, lists were actual people taking the time to add and categorize followers and friends into lists. These lists provided guidance, they provided ways to find new people to follow, and in a small way they provided validation for good tweeters that got added to multiple lists, and high-profile lists. But everything changed.

The first blow to lists was this little company called: (now imploded, gratefully) that flooded the world with auto-generated lists. And the list became a spam channel. Boo. But Twitter eventually came to their senses about Formulists and they revoked their API status, thus killing the company. This was a good move, but it was too little and too late. The list had been spammed and was now overlooked as a valid measure of socially earned authority. Boo.

The list is still around and still viable, but Twitter Co. keeps making it a less-important aspect of Twitter. Why? I don’t know. But here’s what it looks like. Above you will see my Twitter profile page. Tweets, Photos/Videos, Following, Followers, Favorites and MORE…  Now, I can see why MORE… would give Twitter some expansion capabilities, but today if you click on it, the ONLY thing there is LISTS. So, Dear Twitter UI UX Team please promote the LIST back to it’s rightful place on the main masthead of my Twitter profile. I’d be fine if you put Favorites under MORE…, a favorite is the most useless form of socialization on Twitter.

Oh and while you’re at it, TrueTwit is now doing the same thing with DM on Twitter. 90% of my Direct Messages on Twitter are TrueTwit validation requests. I don’t know what they’re paying you to keep their API stream alive, but they have KILLED the DM on Twitter. Nobody reads them any more. They are all spam. Please kill TrueTwit like you did Formulists. Thank you.


John McElhenney

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  1. In part because of TrueTwit (and other forms of DM spam) I rarely follow people back on Twitter anymore. I actively use lists (and your headline completely freaked me out!!) but I love what @ambercadabra once said: following is the right to direct message, I still can see your updates without following (heavily paraphrasing from memory).

    1. Thanks Eric. Glad my headline caught your attention. I appreciate your comment.

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