Twitter Blocking: “Sorry, you can’t follow the user (because they’re blocking you)”

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It’s a sad moment, when Twitter reports back, “Sorry, you can’t follow the user (because they’re blocking you) Learn more.”

Okay Trent Reznor was a surprise. I’ve asked him several times, “Do you know me?” I’m kind of honored. I’m not sure how it happened, but when the “I’m gonna f you like an animal” dude is blocking you on Twitter, well, something big is happening.

The local blockers are more understandable. See, back in 09, I had a hissy fight with @omarg, a tech journalist with the Austin American Statesman. Seems Mr. Omar runs in similar circles and when I dissed him, his Twitterati began defending him, dissing me, and ultimately blocking me. There’s nothing much left on the interwebz of the encounter, but there are a few remnants, as there always are. But let’s not dwell on the past, or the TwitterSniper himself. His story will be told soon enough.

Let’s look at a few of my firm beliefs about social media and online interactions.

  1. Nobody forwards a boring email, or retweets a boring tweet.
  2. If you’re going to comment, do it where you can get a response.
  3. If you don’t allow comments on your blog, it’s not a blog and it’s not social media.
  4. Trolls must be tolerated, but eventually bullies should be caged and publicly exposed.
  5. If you make a claim, back it up with facts, posts, links, data.
  6. Reputation is earned not bragged about.
  7. If somebody isn’t blocking on you Twitter, you might be doing it wrong.
  8. Most people don’t really enjoy being mean; they do it because they can’t help it. (from Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement)

So I guess I did call Omar Gallaga a jerk. And I guess he’s going to block me forever on Twitter. (Ya know, I’ve tired of asking for a face-to-face / water-under-the-bridge makeup with him.) And perhaps his colleagues will also feel compelled to put me in their own personal Twitter purgatory. Oh well.

I’m doing okay. The wisdom of their Tweets is lost upon me now, but not for lack of desire, only lack of courage and open dialogue.

Here, the comments are always open.

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