Getting Twitter Under Control: Tweetdeck Setup for Listening

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Twitter has been likened to drinking from the firehose. It’s an interesting analogy, if you’re still using But you’re not, right?

If you’re trying to watch and interact with the flow of tweets as they stream down your page, you already know the problems people have with Twitter. Perhaps the Twitter Co. folks should make Tweetdeck the real Twitter interface, and you could go back to Classic if you wanted to. If won’t happen, of course, because there are no ads in Tweetdeck. And Twitter Co has to make money to satisfy the shareholders. So, let me give you a quick look at how I use Tweetdeck to manage my tweetstream and engage with the people I care about on Twitter.

Here are the first three columns of my Tweetdeck dashboard.

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With Tweetdeck you organize your streams into columns that are completely configurable.

My far left column (primary importance in my reading left-to-right brain) is what I call my Trust-Network. Wha’s cool and interesting about this column is it’s based on a Twitter List I created of my most-trusted advisors. Now, no matter who I follow or unfollow my LIST of tweeters remains the same. And I ALWAYS see their tweets.

The next two columns are for tracking mentions of my two primary user names on Twitter. Here I get to see every tweet that mentions me. You can experiment with using the @ symbol or not, your results may vary. In these columns I get an immediate look at anyone’s conversational attempts. I know they are far and few in between on Twitter, but they do occur. And if someone retweets you, this is a great column to use to say “Thanks for the RT”.

It’s as simple as that. All the other columns are up to you. You can move them around. You can filter out #tags or keywords you don’t want to see, both by column (though this feature can cause problems) and globally in the preferences. Here’s my global filter list for Tweetdeck.

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Now I never have to see a “coupon” or “the nobody-cares daily is out” tweets.

There are some other great features in Tweetdeck, so give it a try and let me know what your dashboard looks like. How do you watch, listen to, and respond to tweets. It’s an impossible job without a tool like Tweetdeck, but it becomes easier the more you invest in setting up your personal Twitter dashboard.

Two main Twitter Tools:

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