My Twitter List Topics:

Trust Networks (Building connections that start with TRUST as the core foundation!)

Green (Eco, green, environmental leaders)

En Español (my Spanish tweeting friends)

Dads and Moms (blogging about relationships and relating to one another)

Shorts-and-Stories (haiku, poetry, short short fiction, narrative experiments all in 140c or less)

Research (primary researchers)

Smartypants (darned smart folks)

Agency (PR and Ad agencies)

eHealth (electronic healthcare, eMed, healthcare innovation)

Music (musicians, groups)

Code (coders, code snippets, coding tips)

Design (designers, templates, design resources)

Media (news outlet or professional writers)

Artists (creative folks)

Search (SEO, search engine optimization, SEM, google, search engine marketing, SEM)

Social Media (leaders of social media, social media feeds)

Mentors (people I look up to)

Cat and Dogs (pettweets, when cats tweet, voicing our pets)

Austin Businesses (businesses based in Austin, TX)

Austin Friends (friends in Austin, TX) Austin Friends #2 (not better or worse, just over the 500 tweeter limit on #1)

Tech Connections (Top Tech Execs that I know)

Word (the written word is important for more than marketing) < a new slot in my list of list

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