Getting Back In Touch with Twitter Lists

Here is an index of MY TWITTER LISTS, that I hand-generated, to help me and perhaps you navigate the hard process of finding good tweeters to follow.

  • trust-network –  my highest endorsement, these people I would/will do business with again and again
  • mentors – maybe not all business related, but these are some of my favorite leaders
  • smarty pants – damn brilliant folks, my next highest endorsement
  • socialmedia – who’s talking and leading in social media
  • tech connections – at the top of their field in tech
  • agency – ad, pr, marketing agencies (if you’re in it, you need to follow it)
  • design – graphics- make things look pretty, learn about fonts and kerning, ux and ui
  • code – dev, coders, wordpress builders, css mavens, apps
  • media – mainstream and indie media tweeters
  • seo – search – if they tweet about google adwords or search marketing they are here
  • green – environmentally conscious tweeters (it’s pretty important)
  • ehealth – can social media and healthcare live together, can social enhance patient care?
  • research – where I put tweeters I’m interested in, or who are doing data mining and research
  • austin businesses – if they’re on twitter and they’re in Austin and I like them

+++ less about business and more about friends and personal interests +++

  • austin friends – tweeters I know (and may or may not love) in ATX
  • austin friends 2 – the overflow from list 1, peeps I know in Austin, Texas, YO!
  • dads & moms – mommy bloggers and daddy bloggers (mostly single parents)
  • music – my musical tastes vary widely
  • crazy sexy fools – inappropriate NSFW and funny as all hell
  • short words poems – poetry, fiction, 140c, haiku, short short stories


Check out The Twitter Way page, the Twitter Tools Matrix (needs updating) and Zen of the Tweet my personal best-of page.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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