Twitter’s Evil Empire and Striking Back for the Rebel Alliance

Twitter’s Evil Empire and Striking Back for the Rebel Alliance

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The big boys are getting too big for their britches. While I haven’t figured out a next response for my Google AdSense fiasco, I do have a fun idea for Twitter, the new death-star of spam and overuse. And I’ve scored a few victories using social communications. (American Airlines: Now It’s Personal) But too often the response is simply to mute the messenger, rather than address the issue. (Keurig Offers Me Their Support 1-800 #)

When these little gems show up in your feed, don’t simple ignore them, REPORT THEM for SPAM. Let Twitter’s metrics and analytics folks deal with the equivalent on Twitter of the UNLIKE on Facebook. (A Facebook option that will never be available, btw)

Sponsored Tweet Spam - Capitol One Spark

And even when it’s not a sponsored tweet, but simply an annoying content provider. Make sure that they won’t ever clutter up you social feed again by REPORTING THEM.

Sponsored Tweet Trash on Twitter

It’s not like it’s going to hurt Capitol One or People Magazine, and I’m sure I’m being super-irresponsible in some way, as an advocate of social media advertising. AND… I really would like to see Twitter stick around, so I’m not against them making money.

But I don’t have time for TweeSpam even if they paid to get access to my stream.

Strike back a blow against the junk mail of cyberspace.

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Most people don’t really enjoy being mean; they do it because they can’t help it. (from Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreement)


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