Two Updates You Shouldn’t Miss: Jamba Juice and the City of Austin Website Update

I have a number of other sites I keep, but I wanted to give heads up on these two posts in case you don’t read

The first one is about the City of Austin website redesign. Here’s a quick excerpt:

The New RFP to Release This Summer – That’s The Latest News

Whatever Matt Esquibel is working on, I hope it’s good and I hope it meets the expectations of the large community of developers, designers, project managers, businesses, and visionaries who are waiting to put their bids into the ring. Let’s hope they get a better than 3 : 400 ratio of returns on this one.

Mostly, I’d really like Matt, Doug Matthews and Gail Roper to ramp up the AustinGO site they already have. Post updates on the blog! Fix the RSS feed! Use the tool! As it stands what’s happening is still happening behind closed doors with a new team and the community is forced to wait for the release of the new RFP.  —

The second post is another activist campaign as part of MeterThis is asking Jamba Juice to drop their Styrofoam cup in favor of something that lasts less than 10,000 years in the land fill.

Whole Foods Markets KICKS Jamba Juice to the Curb

A few weeks ago I stopped by my local Whole Foods Market and noticed that Jamba Juice had been replaced with a non-branded juice bar.

But here’s the real victory. The juice bar had bio-degradable cups! And the blended juice was just as good, I tell you.

When I asked the counter person about the change they said there were several reasons aside from the Stryofoam cup. According to the unofficial word of this juice barrista, Jamba was in the process of adding some menu items that WFM corporate didnt’ agree with. In addition to the bad cups, Jamba was adding artificial sweeteners and other non-natural ingredients to the mix and Whole Foods decided to go without the chain.

I have since visited the WFM three times and am happy to report, of course, that the juice is just as good from the bio-degradable cups. —

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