Breaking Down the “Value” of a Viral Hit on Social Media

Breaking Down the “Value” of a Viral Hit on Social Media

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This post: Death of the Social Media Strategist: Overselling & Underperforming from the Start generated half of my monthly page views in four days.

UPDATE 4-7: Back up again today, here’s the top referral sources for today:

Referral traffic scores from today


Note: I’m guessing the different FB numbers are from different SHARES. Top number m.facebook is from the mobile app. And no I haven’t bought any media around this post, but I might.

When you strike the right chord and hit the proverbial home run in social media, it’s hard to decide what to do. Can you capitalize on the success? Will you get new business or new followers from the event? Or is it just a flash in the pan?

To say that I’m suffering from an stats hit hangover would be an understatement. While it’s happening it’s a rush. But what’s the fallout?

calculating the viral value
click for full-screen version from

So the ultimate value of this post (and really this entire blog) is more in terms of influence and visibility. Perhaps one of the high-powered folks that tweeted my post will look me up in the future when they need some answers. And of course I got to say thank you to them via Twitter. And we follow each other.

Overall, the HIT didn’t drive a single LEAD. Again, not exactly the primary goal of this blog, but certainly a goal. The bulk of the traffic came from Tweets and ReTweets of people involved in social media. Not the direct audience for to build MY CLIENTS, but a great audience for potential collaborative work or uber-project team inclusions.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

The graphic is available as a download from Breaking Down the Value of a Viral Hit

The Essentials of Social Media Marketing: 

NOTE: And here’s an interesting wrinkle. Business Insider (with a new 5m investment from Jeff Bezos) picked up my story, but with a twist. The young author just snatched my winning title and used it for the title of the entire post. Thanks for the link Heather, but it’s common for you to come up with your own aggregation title and not just use one that’s working for someone else. Oh well, again, BI and Heather, thanks again for the clicks.

Business Insider – Death of the Social Media Strategist (title lifted from me – grin)

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