Do You Know Your Value Proposition? What’s Your Marketing Superpower?

Do You Know Your Value Proposition? What’s Your Marketing Superpower?

Do you know what you do best? I’ve been told, several times that I’m not marketing my real skills in the proper way, that I don’t really know what my true value proposition is. So I thought I’d look through what I think it is, and see if I can make some changes or alignments. Or maybe my friends are off target.

What I think I’m good at:

  • High level strategy – big ideas – annual planning (digital marketing)
  • Innovative digital marketing ideas (bringing viral to the mix when possible)
  • Critical path program/project management (cut the fat, get the job done, measure towards the goals)
  • Social media and content marketing (it’s more about accelerating or exciting the engagement)
  • Sales funnel optimization (what can we do to get things easy for your customers to find and buy your services or goods?)

What I’m less good at, but competent when I work at it:

  • Detailed execution plans (I will get it all done, but it may not meet your exact schedule)
  • Micro-detailed schedules and pre-launch, pre-write, pre-post execution
  • Cold calling (if the door is opened I’ll rush in with a plan, but calling to start is a hard task for me)

What I think my blog says about me:

  1. Consistent content creator
  2. Digital marketing thought leader (with a hyper-focus on social media and content marketing)
  3. Attention to design, details, and metrics to make things succeed
  4. Slightly irreverent and edgy

What I think my Linkedin Profile (resume) says about me:

  • 10+ years of experience in digital marketing
  • Client-side and Agency-side experience (working both sides of the agency-client relationship)
  • Large Fortune 100 company experience (how to navigate the massive organization)
  • High-level experience with most digital strategies (SEO, SEM, PPC, eMail, Content, Social, Advertising)

So what am I missing? What’s the special sauce I have, that I’m not sharing? Hmmm. It might be a bit presumptuous of me to answer this question myself. But…

  • Articulating the dream (I’m great at the big vision, big idea, big picture)
  • I love team building and team leadership (I love being an individual contributor buy might be best leveraged by driving teams of people)
  • I lead with compassion, friendship, and still deliver results (Yes, you can be friends and still get the work done.)

QUESTION and REQUEST: And now, I know most of you won’t take up the challenge, but I’d love to hear in the comments or privately what I’m missing. What’s my blind side? What’s my superpower? In our work and our lives we should strive to work in our sweet spot as often as possible. In our “genius” we have the potential to release the most positive momentum and results.

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