YouTube Video Marketing Results (CHART)

UPDATE: The new YouTube analytics is out. And my 30-day experiment with video marketing is pretty cool. I’m happy.

30-days of results on YouTube - social media marketing


I created a visual resume and intro to social media video presentation on Oct. 28th. It was nice to have a new format of content to promote and use as a calling card for my social media consulting business. And as I began to see the growth in views on YouTube I began to have ideas about other educational videos I could produce to help small businesses get a handle on social media marketing. So I have since produced 4 more educational videos and 2 more playful, sidebar videos (Google Hangouts with Steve Jobs & New Twitter Spam). See the Social Media In-Less-Then-2-Minutes Video Page for the complete list.

My results using social marketing on YouTube (CHART)


* see this slide fullscreen or download the PPT presentation on

As I reported last week in this post: YouTube Video Marketing with Social Media: Reporting 3 Weeks of Results the traffic increase was pretty good. I was not getting traffic yet from the YouTube searches, but I guessed as I upped the number of available videos, added a social media marketing videos playlist, and began promoting the videos directly on my site, that I would see another uptick in traffic.

Then on Nov. 17, my YouTube Marketing Report post had a big day. And yesterday, Nov. 27, another Twitter-related post (How to Get Useful Business Information Out of Twitter: Hashtags for Social Media Research) took off giving me my highest single day traffic in months. (400+ views in one day)

I’m running more analytics on the deeper results, but I wanted to share this today, to give you another reason to kickstart your 2012 online marketing plans with video content. And I should have another video out this afternoon, The Fastest SEO Guide EVER. So look for my next results post in a couple weeks, and I’ll dig further into the mechanics of my online marketing with YouTube.

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