HUMOR: Waiting On Windows 8 – the Bad, the Bad, and the Ugly (video)

HUMOR: Waiting On Windows 8 – the Bad, the Bad, and the Ugly (video)

ACK. Why does Microsoft think it’s okay to do FORCED UPDATES on Windows? And then why so often to they get it wrong? I’m sure it’s something I’m doing. Like using Windows at all. If you think Windows is the future, you might want to skip this post.

It’s known that Microsoft has a common disregard for their user experience. Otherwise, why would they have gutted the PC Industry with WIN 8 just as WIN 7 was bringing back some of the Windows momentum? Let’s be clear, WIN 8 is a tablet OS and a Mobile OS. It did not need to come to the non-touchscreen desktop! Ever. Metro is hideous. And if you just want to get your work done, it’s even worse than hideous, it’s a hinderance.

Why are manufacturers like DELL and HP making a big deal out of WINDOWS 7 options on their websites? BECAUSE WIN 8 is KILLING the PC Industry as a whole. I guess we can start hoping for WIN 9. I hope it’s better than IE 10.

As an app Windows is okay. (I only run it because ONE application I use is not written for Mac.) But as an OS, Microsoft has let you know they are the king of your computer and they don’t care how their updates, or “Do not turn off your computer” demands affect you. And how about consolidating a few updates for us, guys? The last time I updated my Office apps it took three complete download and install, download and install, download and install tries before I was up and running again. Makes you want to SKIP MSFT UPDATES all together.

UPDATE: Windows 8 is still churning in the background in the entire time it took me to capture and edit the video. And I thought it was going to startup just as I published this post… But…

waiting on windows 8

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  1. I hate windows 8. I only have a PC to run google hangouts. I will be getting a new mac notebook soon enough to take care of that. Grrrr.

    1. Google Hangouts work FINE on my MBP. Looking forward to hearing about your new MBP.

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