New Cloud Hosting Provider

New Cloud Hosting Provider

Today we’re moving our cloud BACK to A2 HOSTING. You may recall my earlier experience and my decision to move all of my sites off A2.

What Tha CLOUD? Searching for Web Hosting Nirvana – Varied Support, Service, and Pricing
Cloud Hosting and Pricing Web Hosting is a pain in the ass. Companies like Rackspace and MediaTemple need to do a better job of explaining these complex systems. OR simplify the questions.

This has been my situation for the past two months. (why I waited so long to hit the kill switch is a different story)

uber-la-downtime copy

So, several weeks ago I reached out to A2 top dog, Brian Muthig, and here was his response.”

“Sure, we’ve been looking for testers anyway so I’d be happy to give you the account gratis for 6 months?  Does that sound fair?”

I’d have to say that was a PROFESSIONAL response, from an experienced sales guy.

And here we are.

Brian has been very helpful in assisting my move. And today, with joy, we’re up on a fully-ramped up hosting platform with a hybrid SSD-drive RAID array technology that should at least KILL any disk latency problems we were experiencing. And Brian has voiced A2’s willingness, and curiosity at solving the TWEET to WP-kill problem. I mean, I’m not Seth Godin or anything, this isn’t rocket science, it’s CLOUD hosting or WEB hosting, which ever term fits your generation.

So my thanks to Brian and the A2 team for ramping me up in a few hours, once their systems were ready for my HUGE load. (that was sarcasm, in case you missed it)

Stay tuned, I’m sure the A2 IT scientists are going to give us ALL some insights into what causes WP performance problems. And then let’s see how we can troubleshoot the issues as they come up.

Back to 24/7 monitoring and a call-center that can at least escalate my issue if the site goes down for any extended period of time. There is no question, that web hosting always has intermittent problems. But they should be 2 – 3 minutes a couple times a month. Not 3 – 4 times a day with ranges from 10 – 20 minutes of downtime.

The value of a tweet is hard to calculate. I’d love to give you the dollar amount and ROI measurement (I’m sure Hubspot of Mashable has done the calculation somewhere.) but I’m not sure a non-ecommerce site like mine can calculate the monetary value. But the authority, reputation value is priceless. And I’m not sure, but I’ve heard that downtime actually hurts your Google Authority and Page Rank. (Can anyone verify this?)

One more shout to Brian for keeping me in the loop and opening the new SolidState hosting program up to me. FOR FREE. (Here’s the A2 Hosting Link)

(Disclaimer: this is NOT a paid promotional post. I am writing this to document my experience in mid-level WordPress hosting solutions. And I will not pull punches when/if things go badly. My guess is that they will not. And talking to Brian, I have the idea that they value my opinion and information much more than the promotional value I can bring to them as part of a paid relationship. That said, I am not compensated in anyway to endorse A2 Hosting. But I am going to test the hell out of their servers for 6 months for free. It takes a little bit out of the sting of having to move again. And it gives A2 some satisfaction at winning-back my business.)

And with that, I’m enabling the WordPress Performance Tracking Audit. So I can do my part and figuring out what’s keeping me from enjoying the fruits of my tweeting.

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