What Can I Do For Others Today? The Coffee Consulting Offer – No Catch.

What Can I Do For Others Today? The Coffee Consulting Offer – No Catch.

My alarm goes off every morning at 6am, rains, shines, darks, or lights. I’m not a big fan of Daylight Savings Time because it puts my rise and shine back in the dark ages, oh… who cares?

Today, I’m making a commitment to do more for others. More free consulting to businesses that couldn’t otherwise afford my online marketing services. I can get pretty self-focused and client-focused. And while that serves me in the business world, it can take it’s toll on others around me.

Do you know how many people you affect everyday? Do you realize how your positive influence can change the dynamic of an entire room, or work group, or family. I’m like the little engine who thinks he can, I’m always striving to get something else done. But sometimes, more often than I’d like to admit, I get down in the weeds of MY stuff and forget about THEIR stuff. So, today, I pause, breathe, and think about you.

Two things come to mind.

FIRST OFFER: How can I help you, today? (this question is a genuine request for information about your work, life, creative drive.) I am not a life coach, nor a motivational speaker. BUT… I can help you with a number of challenges related to online marketing. AND I’m willing to give you a sample of the work we could do together for free. Really. And there is NO CATCH. Nothing.

IF, you want to do more, or work with me further on your marketing, fine, but that’s not my goal. My goal, for real, is just to pay it forward, to help you, to give you some tools (what I do here on uber.la) to make YOUR life easier, and YOUR business more successful using online and social marketing. That’s what I do. That’s something that is easy for me to give to you, for free.

Note: the “how can I help you” offer usually gets a lot of snarky and sarcastic responses, so I’m trying the POST form. Sure you can imagine anything you want about MY marketing plans, MY desire for new clients, MY mailing list and how I will never let you unsubscribe if you give me information about yourself. BUT, that’s not REAL. That’s your stuff, not mine. I am here to help. And beyond that, I don’t want anything but a smile from you.

SECOND OFFER: COFFEE CONSULTING. You buy a cup of coffee we talk about your work, your dreams of success, your ideas for how to grow your business using online marketing. End of conversation, end of obligation. You just need to initiate and show up. If you’re not in AUSTIN, TEXAS I will do it via hangout, and I’ll even buy my own coffee. What can you possibly lose?

That’s all I can think of today. How can I make your life and your work online easier? The first step is, you have to tell me what you are doing and what you’d like to be doing.

A short sampling of the areas we can discuss:

  • SEO (search engine optimization and marketing – where are you on Google)
  • Social Media Marketing (how can Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest help or hurt your business)
  • Content Marketing (if you’re online, what kinds of things can you write about that will engage your potential customer)
  • Promotional Outreach (how do you find and reach new customers who don’t know about you or your services?)
  • Blogging (can a blog, like this, help your business? is it worth it? how much time will it take?)

Now, for the rest of the day, I’m going offline to chat and play with the others who would prefer a less-focused and less-online experience of my attention.


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