When Did You Stop Listening to Twitter? And Who or What Killed the Tweet?

I don't want another @formulists list, ever!

I recently started an unfollowing campaign to clean up my incoming Twitter stream. But something happened on the way to the forum… I open Tweetdeck maybe once a day now. What’s going on?

Amid the cluttering of LISTS with AUTO-LISTING system Formulists.com and the wave upon wave of incoming scammy tweeters, I am finding less and less of value on my Twitter dashboard. Even my own Tweetdeck filing (columns) system has failed to keep me in the know with the good tweets. So maybe it’s time for us all to look again at Twitter and evaluate what it’s good for, for each of us, personally.

  1. Research
  2. Promoting new posts and social media news and info
  3. Connecting with others
  4. Reputation and self-promotion
  5. Authority
  6. Business leads
  7. Play, inspiration, funny stuff

What am I missing?

And what I’m finding, is I prefer to get my bits and bytes via RSS panels on my iGoogle page. Brogan, CHECK. Atimeter Group, CHECK. Godin, CHECK. What in the world are we all tweeting about these days?

So what are your top uses of Twitter? Is your experience getting better or worse over time?

I used to be a huge Twitter champion. I wanted everybody to abide by better and better behavior rules that I was making up on the fly. And I was ignored. Of course, who am I any way, and how many followers do I have? I’m no Twitter Rockstar.

But I’m finding less to crow about in regards to Twitter and its usefulness. Have coupons squashed the tweet?

John McElhenney

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  1. innovative new consumer product (twitter) = mass popularity = eventual overuse/abuse/copycats = commoditization = dilution/loss of value of product and its use. Kind of a standard life cycle of a popular products (there are exceptions of course). I think there is an argument that the last 3 decades of technology developments – and the logarithmic increase of the pace of that development – has shortened the life cycle timeframe. I am not sure if the rapidity of the cycle holds true for pure B2B, though.

    1. Yes Larry, you are correct. And FB is starting to get more “innovative” in cluttering up the social channel as well. What’s NEXT?

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