What’s Your Mobile IQ? Are You Loving Your Smartphone Visitors?

What’s Your Mobile IQ? Are You Loving Your Smartphone Visitors?

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If Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 5.55.46 PMyou don’t look at the Audience > Mobile > Overview tab in Google Analytics you might be surprised to see the breakdown of devices coming to your website. If you have a crappy, or un-planned mobile web experience set up for the incoming smartphone visitors, you’re going to give them a less than optimal experience. And if you haven’t thought of them at all, you’re going to lose them before they see the first sentence of your site. Here’s the location for understanding the mobile mix of your website.

Then the analytical part is fairly simple. How many mobile visitors do you have? Is the number significant enough to demand a bit of work to configure a better mobile web experience?

If the answers to those two questions are both affirmative, then you’ve got several easy options.

1. Select a free theme from WordPress.org that has a mobile component, or a flexible design. (Make sure you test these on your phone, so you can see what your visitors see. Some themes are better than others.)

2. Buy a theme that has a more robust mobile version. (The Pagelines theme I use on uber.la has a very well implemented mobile interface.

3. Use the Jetpack Plugin and enable the mobile theme. This could be the simplest way to get everything you need without any work.

If you add Jetpack (you get a lot of stuff you may want to check out) and your site looks fine on your phone, then you are done. If Jetpack’s mobile option doesn’t float your boat, then you can explore the free “flexible” or “variable” themes. And then go look at some of your favorite sites. Then check out their phone interface. See if you can determine what theme they are using. (Yes, a good portion of the web today is built on WordPress and opening up the page in code view will show you quickly what the name of the theme is. The Google it.)

It’s interesting to note of the two sites I am showing stats for above, there is a fairly different mix of technologies. You’ll notice the tech blog (uber.la) has a larger percentage of desktop-using visitors. While the mobile and tablet access on the first site is much higher, due to the significantly higher female demographic for that content.

Know your audience. Get your mobile web in order. No matter how small your traffic is, if you are turning away your phone visitors, you could be killing valuable readers and potential buyers.

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