Digital Marketing Leadership: What’s Your SlideShare Plan?

Digital Marketing Leadership: What’s Your SlideShare Plan?

Do you know SlideShare? You know, the platform for businesses to share business intelligence in the hopes of driving more business? Well, it’s also one of the greatest resources if you need to get inspiration for your next slide presentation. And if you’re not participating, you’re letting a lot of us know you don’t have any innovative ideas to share.

On the other hand if you ARE using SlideShare, are you seeing any traffic moving from SlideShare to your blog or business website? I am not. Even though my views and experience on SlideShare have always been good. Hmmm. What am I doing wrong? Should I hype the links more? Have a READ MORE or GET THE ENTIRE PRESENTATION HERE links at the back of the presentation? Are we giving it all away on Slideshare?

Are you using SlideShare?
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So as a social platform, who knows if SlideShare is driving engagement. I do like the links to my LinkedIn profiles. And I use the SlideShare platform to promote my infographical-like slides. But I’m not seeing any conversions coming from SlideShare.

What makes a successful platform for business? If LinkedIn is getting tired and full of spam, where are we going to continue the business conversation? Google+? Facebook?

Got Slides? Got GOOD Slides? Let’s see’m. Share with me in the comments or on Slideshare, and then go look at your profile. Here’s mine.

Getting Right with SlideShare

Here are all of my SlideShare presentations ranked by popularity: John McElhenney on Slideshare

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