While Writing a Post About the iSlate… TechCrunch Goes Down with a BANG BOOM!

Updated 1-26-10 7:26 AM (CST) initially posted on  The Apple iSlate Blog where I was writing… The story from from TechCrunch🙂

screenshot-2 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

The comments have gotten hilarious. Especially when Steve Jobs stopped by to issue his final warning:

techcrunch hacked, steve jobs admits attack, of course!!

Sure, the article’s sources are cloudy (the author says he’s heard it “multiple times second and third hand from completely independent sources,” and unnamed “senior Apple execs and friends of Jobs are telling people that he’s about as excited as he’s ever been.”), and technically we’re still not even sure this thing exists. But it certainly builds buzz for most highly anticipated Apple product of the year, expected for release Wednesday. It’s really something when the product is as fabled as what the CEO says about it!

>>Ooops! We interrupt this broadcast to show you from the war front, TechCruch has been hacked! <<

screenshot of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

What were we talking about. Oh Jobs, iSlate, the second coming and all that…

That was fun! Heck, just click the link to TechCrunch.

permalink to The Apple iSlate Blog: http://bit.ly/jobs-hacked

But wait, there’s more:

Hilarious piece about Ballmer #CES and me. The return of Jobzilla at CES: http://bit.ly/jobzilla London Times Writers score a big win!

A few more of the funny pics of TechCruch being pawned. By angry iSlate believers? Or just plain old malicious hackers?

screenshot-8 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

screenshot-9 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

screenshot-10 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

screenshot-3 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

screenshot-4 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

screenshot-5 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

screenshot-6 of TechCrunch HACK Jan. 26, 2010

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  1. The guy who writes this “LOW Level” blog, John McElhenney. A total, TOTAL Jack-ass. BUt, I am sure if you have read anything he tried to write (his writing skills are quite pathetic) you already kinda figured that out.

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