Only Friend People Who Know You Personally On Facebook. WHAT?! #Facebook #Fail #31

Only Friend People Who Know You Personally On Facebook. WHAT?! #Facebook #Fail #31

facebook fail #31 only friend people you know
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Sure, Facebook would like you to friend more people. In fact they show the “People You May Know” on the right side of the page. BUT, if you friend too many people and they click NO on that little message “Do You Know this Person Outside of Facebook?” you will hit the unofficial speed limit. You will be blocked from adding any new people for 7 days. Um, why is that?

The justification, there in the dialog box is “It’s important to only send friend requests to people who know you personally like classmates, friends, family, and coworkers.” REALLY?

So, Facebook, you are saying, this social thing, the idea that we could meet and introduce ourselves through Facebook is a violation of your terms of service? FAIL.

You can download this presentation from Only Friend People You Know Personally on Facebook

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  1. OK, there was a time when I only accepted friend request from people I knew well enough to share my life with them.
    BUT, then I joined a couple of groups and became friends with people in that group–people i have not and may never meet in person. And I still consider them a friend…

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