Hashtag University 101: What’s All This Hashtag Stuff?

Hashtag University 101: What’s All This Hashtag Stuff?

Now that Facebook has #hashtags (I’m not really sure how effective they are going to be there, but…) it’s a good idea to review the concept behind a hashtag on Twitter and give you some tools to help you #hashtag better.

Here’s the quickest post I can write on why to tag your Tweets. AND you should tag your G+ posts too.

Twitter Hashtags, how to focus your Tweets
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1. If I follow you, I’m going to see your tweets. (between 2,000 – 5,000 tweeps) IF I’m watching twitter at that time, OR IF I’m using a Twitter App and have added you to one of my focus columns. (then I never miss ANY of your tweets!)

2. If I don’t follow you I’m not going to see your tweets (millions and millions)

3. Therefore I am NEVER going to see most of the millions of tweets going on around me. EVER.


4. When I study a topic or market I used Twitter a lot to learn what people are Tweeting about. And the #HASHTAG is the only way to decipher and make sense of the crazy volume of tweets happening.

5. A hashtag gives me the search parameter to really focus in on my research.

6. No hashtag, no search hits. (I could search for SEO, but if I search for #SEO then I am assuming the entire point of the tweet is information about SEO.)


Yes, hashtag soup can be over done. People adding tons of tags to empty posts are not doing themselves or us researchers any favors. Here’s another chart I created to help explain tagging.

Know your target tags

  • if you tweet it you should read it
  • know which tags fit your content
  • research #tags to find new influencers

Use tools to understand tag activity

  • twittervenn (compare up to three search terms or hashtags – a very useable chart)
  • trendistic (view a hashtag’s activity over time)
  • favstar.fm (what tweets are being ReTweeted the most?)
  • trendsmap (amazing map showing the trending twitter topics above their regions)
  • twitterstreamgraphs (Show the words associated with a hashtag and how they are trending)

Both sides are available on Slideshare.net:

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)

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