Why Wouldn’t I Share My LinkedIN Strategy With You: My #1 Blog Tip

I’m about to reveal my number one professional blog tip: LinkedIN Groups are your friend.

linkedIN tops my referrer list every single day

I tweet a lot. And I can tell you Twitter is about half as effective as LinkedIN group postings and much less effective as a Facebook link.

One of my last steps, when writing a post is to use my own social sharing links on the post page. And the one that really pays off is linkedIN

my social network links

And once you’ve used the LinkedIN button here’s what the sharing screen looks like after I’ve added all the groups I’m part of.

LinkedIN Groups sharing

And there are two tricks here as well. You can only post to groups you are a part of. (Note: don’t post non-cancer releated info to Livestrong, they will ask you to stop: makes sense.)

Always add a comment. What that does is it posts your link with link info, then it makes a comment by you about the think, why you are posting it. It shows as activity to the other members of the group.

Now I will confess, I don’t read much of my LinkedIN group email. But I promise you others are reading and linking to the posts. Don’t spam the groups with non-business related information. But if you work the system correctly you could find a HIT post in no time.

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