Windows 10 *HOME* Will Have Mandatory Updates. Um, WTF?

Windows 10 *HOME* Will Have Mandatory Updates. Um, WTF?

Everyone needs Windows 10 to be a success. I repeat, shouting, “Everyone Needs Windows 10 to be a success.” It’s no wonder some of the press is coming out and trying to spin the forced update story in a positive light. It is an awful idea. Almost as bad as “metro” was with Windows 8. My open letter to Microsoft comes at the end, but let’s lay some historical groundwork for how much everyone loves and trusts Microsoft.

From the Slashdot story, “Windows 10 Pro users will be able to delay updates for some period of time, and Enterprise users will have update functionality similar to that of Windows 8.” Yeah, that’s comforting. Just like in Windows 8!

Just because Microsoft is forcing “HOME” users to update, it’s not a stretch to imagine that they are trying to push this approach forward into the PRO versions. And why are there so many versions of Windows anyway? Does Apple or Google have flavors and price points on their OS flavors?


Um, yeah… Forced updates. Is this like “Sorry, you can’t shut down your computer for 30 minutes to get to your meeting, we’re downloading the latest and greatest Window Update. Sit back and relax. We promise not to break anything.”


Several big lessons about Windows Update in the past.

  • Never update Windows.
  • If you update Windows make sure you have a quick and immediate regression (recovery) plan if it goes wrong.
  • Windows Update will suggest 232 updates each time you check it. It’s your afternoon if you choose to “update all.”
  • Windows Update used to break apps and hardware connectivity all the time.
  • Windows Update will delay shutdown or hibernate at the most inconvenient times.

Why oh why, is Microsoft choosing this fragile moment for Windows 10 (the version we ALL need to be a success!) to FORCE updates on all of us? Why oh why? When Windows 95, 97, ME, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 all requested “automatic updates” we ALL said NO. And not just NO, but “HELL NO.”

Microsoft’s track record with Windows Updates is awful. Why do we believe they are going to play differently?

Let’s look at the best UPDATE SOFTWARE model in the business. Apple. When you go to do a “software update” with Apple they have taken the time to consolidate all the “updates” and “packages” and “hot fixes” since your last update, in to ONE UPDATE. Windows still says, “Downloading 7 of 27 updates… Please wait.”

I’m not excited about Forced Automatic Updates of Windows 10. I think it’s MSFT going for “innovation” again and shooting themself and their users in the bricked laptop.

How many times have you been using Windows (and I’m talking 7 here, when things were right with the world for about 1 year) and been prompted, “Don’t shut down your computer, Windows is updating.” Sometimes this happens even if you have the “NO AUTOMATIC UPDATES” setting to NO. And that’s most of my experience with Windows. NO. Do you want to update now? NO. Would you like to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8? NO. What’s your attitude about forced updates in Windows 10. HELL NO! PLEASE NO!

It’s obvious we all need Windows 10 to rock. The entire PC industry has suffered under the consumer confusion over Windows 8. And even more so, the manufacturers have suffered under the 0.5% enterprise adoption rate for Windows 8. Check any major manufacturer’s website today, even Dell, and they say, “Dell recommends Windows.” Well, why doesn’t it say “Dell recommends Windows 8?” BECAUSE THEY DON’T. All of the major manufacturers are still having to offer WIN 7 and WIN 8, because WIN 8 was killing everyone’s sales.

An open letter to Microsoft about Windows 10 Forced Updates:

Dear Bill Gates,

Please step in and help your former company before it’s too late. STOP senseless updates and misguided “innovation” in Windows 10. We tried that with METRO in Windows 8. Remember how that turned out. Force business IT departments to support on-going updates and fixes to Windows 10 and you will be forcing their support of Windows 7 for another 5 years. NO ONE UPDATES WINDOWS UNLESS THEY HAVE TO. Why? Because your reputation stinks in this department. You’re track record of breaking shit when we install a “hot fix” or even a “security update” is very bad indeed. IT departments across the globe do not have time for your BS.

Stop Forced Automatic Updates of Windows 10! You will kill your next OS before it even get’s a real-world review. If the IT departments of large companies like DELL don’t buy into Windows 10 migration, you will be in trouble again. You will shoot a warning flare over the bow of all IT departments to stay away from Windows 10.

I’m a mac fan, but I have to use Windows for several of my clients. I run it on a Mac inside Parallels. In this configuration I’m running the “Preview” of Windows 10. So far, you’ve not made any metro-sized mistakes. I’m not sure about Spartan/Edge or whatever you’re trying to call the next IE, but take a lesson from your own playbook. You can’t just call IE by a new name and expect everyone to believe you. If you force updates on Windows 10 you are going to force business customers, in HUGE NUMBERS, to NOT EVEN TRY Windows 10!

Why would you doom your new operating system before it officially launches? Sure the press is all over it as a good thing. IT’S AN AWFUL IDEA.


JMac – a concerned PC user who is dependent on the health of the technology industry as a whole.

@jmacofearth (also seen on Google+: jmacofearth)


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