Windows 7: New Wool Over the Toothy Old Fox Pretending to Be Pastoral

So I’ve been running WIN7 for a while now. And what can I tell you, it’s pretty. It seems stable. It seems pretty fast (due in part to some prefs I can set to make it turn off the silly Aero stuff.

There’s stuff like this that come up from time to time.

And then this:

uh oh… what happened? That’s the black, white and gray screen of death.

And then the “repair tool.”

How with such a beautiful new Windows do we still have cr*p like this?

Where’s the Aero-smoothness on that screen?

Microsoft OWNS the PeeCee market. Maybe forever. But they don’t have to keep foisting this sort of user experience on us. Sure it’s under the covers. Sure it’s not the “typical user’s” experience. Unfortunately we learned with Vista, it’s not always safe to trust Microsoft. In many cases, trusting Microsoft to lead you out of the darkness is a bad idea. Because they are so much in the dark themselves.

And then that hourglass as a metaphor for anything to do with technology shows how deep the cluelessness runs. Deep I tell you, deep.

I am hopeful that the “repairs” work. I’m not very optimistic about it.

Well, you might have guessed, the repair failed. I had the option to let Microsoft know about the crash… as if… Ho hum.


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