Got WordPress? Let’s Talk Plugins (Essential WordPress Plugin Stack)

Got WordPress? Let’s Talk Plugins (Essential WordPress Plugin Stack)

Over the years WordPress gets better and better as a CMS platform for a lot more than it’s original purpose, blogging. Today, most new site developments start in WordPress until there is a reason to move to a more robust CMS. As the defacto web development platform there are a few functionality pieces that get extremely well done by using free plugins. Here is my WordPress stack on, where I show you what I use and why. Let me know if you have any contenders that I need to check out.

Security – the hackers have gotten more sophisticated, and WordPress has holes that these plugins can block.

SEO and Spam Killers < there are a few things you can do to improve the seo performance

  • Akismet < a built-in stand by, worth keeping on
  • Greg’s High Performance SEO < a low-overhead SEO optimizer
  • Jetpack by WordPress < some great utilities in one big plugin (constantly improved and updated)
  • Link Juice Keeper < if you’re moving or deleting pages, keep the link love
  • SEO Friendly Images < have you forgotten to tag a few images, this plugin can help
  • Simple Sitemap < a quick plugin to generate a visitor-friendly site index
  • Simple Trackback Validation < kills Trackback spam
  • Smart 404 < for those dead links, don’t 404 your visitors, give them other choices on-the-fly
  • WP-Optimize < you know how tedious it is to delete spam comments etc? This plugin is a god-send
  • WP-reCaptcha < so many Captchas, this one seems to work well for me

Special Features < plugins that do other good stuff

Let me know what plugins you use, if you have one you’ve tried and think works better than any of these I’ve listed. I’m always trying to improve performance.

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